What to do if you find a wildlife Animal


1. Make sure it is an orphan and in need. Refer to Diagram

 Determining whether an animal is orphaned and needs your help depends on age, species and behavior. Babies of some species are left alone all day and rely on camouflage for protection, while others are tightly supervised by their parent(s). Read on for descriptions of what’s normal for each species. 

2 .If the wildlife is in need for help CALL WILD SOULS for Eastern Jackson County MO

 Wild souls serves the Eastern Jackson County of Missouri. We do rescue. We will take in the mammal. Wild souls will give it the best professional care with the goal to release it back into its natural habitat where it belongs.  800.495.8403

3. In Missouri or Illinois?

 Bi State Wildlife Hotline  1.855.WILD-HELP 

24 hour Wildlife hotline

4. In the United States?

Animalhelpnow.org Is the resource to locate your nearest wildlife rehabber. Download the app today!

Please make a donation as we are a public service

Wild Souls receives NO government funding, organizations like us rely on donations for us to continue providing our services. We appreciate your conviction and love for wildlife. Please DO NOT give a wild animal food or drink or try to raise it yourself, depending on your area that could be illegal and you can face a fine and the animal can face euthanasia if you are not permitted to do so. 


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