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Please donate to WILD SOULS! Dec3! Last  year, enough funds were raised to supply formula for all wildspecies we rehabilitate. Our mission is reaching more communities!   We are the first wildlife transport system to ever be in place in the area. We’ve worked hard, Building expenses are higher as we grow.

You can Help Our Cause

Wild Souls is a Non Profit 501C3  organization. Missouri state permitted wildlife rehabilitation through the Missouri Dept of Conservation. Your financial support is graciously needed to be able to help rescue, rehabilitate and release Native wildlife. Your Tax deductible donation goes towards medication, medical  supplies, transports, enclosures, food, and our mission. We are a free public service that receives NO government funding. No one receives pay we are truly volunteer based. Wild Souls is the only one in the area that does consistent On site rescues. We educate humane wildlife conflicts, evictions, and exclusions while promoting education to the public to peacefully coexist with our beautiful wildlife. We serve the entire Eastern Jackson county and surrounding counties depending on species within Missouri. Species needing emergency specialist above our permit we are able to transport to the nearest wildlife hospital (can result in hours away in our transport) 

Missouri has only 4 wildlife onsite rescues nonprofits in the state. We educate the public at first contact of a wildlife. Not all wildlife are a good candidate for rehabilitation, by educating the public of reuniting and renesting  we help the wild stay wild and free. We offer guidance  on humane evictions for wildlife conflicts for residents. Thank you for your involvement of this much needed movement! 

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How We're Helping


Wild Souls provides a public service to humanely rescue, rehabilitate and release native wildlife mammals safely back into their natural habitat.  We educate the general public on how to problem solve if there is a native  wildlife conflict and aide conservation. We are very supportive to other nonprofits and volunteer programs for under 18 years of age. We also transport to the nearest wildlife specialist in the case of immediate emergency assistance for particular species . Free of charge. 

Get Involved


Are you passionate about what we're doing? Ready to be on an amazing team and 1 of 4 on call Rescue in the state! Do you love the concept of helping of rescuing native mammals and giving them a chance back in their natural environment? Let us know! We are always looking for volunteers to help. We'll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you. We accept volunteers under 18 years old with parental consent. We're excited to have you join the Wild Souls team! Where we are "Healing Wildlife and the Human Spirit"

Thank You


Whether you sponsor an animal that is being rehabilitated, monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We could not accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you!

About Us

Often our wildlife rehabilitation patients are victims of trapping abuse. No animal should suffer.

We Educate Humane Eviction and Rehabilitate the wildlife that weren’t so lucky to be evicted humanely.

Too often our Wildlife patients we rehabilitate are a result of Trapping Abuse. Not only is this heart wrenching, it’s expensive. No animal deserves to suffer. Our efforts in educating humane eviction need to reach so much more. There’s other options than trapping, an animal chewing its own limb off to get free. 

We rehabilitate these

poor Animals. Because not all humans are bad.

Orphaned wildlife, Vehicle strikes are the  highest patient intake for rehabilitation. Caring people seek treatment to rehabilitate the injured or orphaned wildlife. That’s why we are here. No animal should suffer, every animal deserves a chance to live. 

We are “Healing Wildlife and The Human Spirit “

Our free public service operates from your donation.

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🙏🏼We are so humbled and grateful to be recognized. This helps our mission in #wildliferehab to spread awareness for the need here in #missouri As we are not government funded and rely to operate on donations from likeminded hearts as yours❤️Being 1 of 4 on call wildlife rescues in the state, providing a free service to the public to rescue, rehabilitate and educate humane solutions. Thank you!!

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